Alba Series – 01



  • Energy saving (Using 80% less electricity)
  • Strong and powerful (Bring down temperature rapidly)
  • Silent operation (No noise generated)
  • Reverse air flow (Circulates the surrounding air by reversing the direction of the air flow)
  • Auto circulating mode (Automatically allows circulation of air every two hours to allow constant air circulation)
  • Remote Control (6 Speed)
  • Dimming Control
  • Last Memory Function
  • Sleeping mode (Mimics the quality of natural wind)
  • Anti-static coating (To lower amount of dust bust build up)
  • Safety (The ceiling fan will automatically stop when it hits something while in operation
  • NSK Bearing Motor (Originated from Japan)
      Model: ALBA 01-36″  
      Input: 240V
      Watts: 25w-5w
      Rpm: 294-126
      Size: 290/300*980 mm
      Weight: 3.8 kg
      Model: ALBA 01-46″
      Input: 240V
      Watts: 38w-5w
      Rpm: 295-124
      Size: 290/300*1160 mm
      Weight: 4.0 kg
      Model: ALBA 01-52″  
      Input: 240V
      Watts: 38w-5w
      Rpm: 200-87
      Size: 290/300*1400 mm
      Weight: 4.5 kg

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