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Customizing the perfect fan

We offer more than a standard fixture; a customized furniture as the centerpiece of every household. There is never a one-size-fits-all solution of a question and neither does a fan.

You can configure the lightings and fans to your heart’s desire with our available designs and colorway — Galaxy Grey, Aluminium Silver, Black, White, and Bronze. Additionally, we even utilize superior quality wood in certain fan series, which are available to choose from. Easy to customize is equivalent to easy to reinstall or redesign. Every time you would like to revamp a room, you may choose to pick up another accessories with complimentary designs or colors to the desired room.



Technical Aspect

To draw the optimal amount of air, the dimension of the room is the key factor. Without having the trouble to extend the amount of space, our fans’ dimensions can be adjusted accordingly. With different rod and wind blade’s lengths to choose from, you can choose to optimize the amount of air drawn to provide the most comfortable experience.


Design Aspect

Every house is furnished and painted differently. Instead of searching for fans that suit the theme of the desired room, why don’t you customize one? With contemporary and sleek designs in mind, we have a variety of designs to choose from and add-ons, depending on what you are looking for as the perfect centerpiece of your house.

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